• Bangladesh

    at a glance

    Situated between Burma and India, with the Bay of Bengal in the South, is the small country
  • Foundation

    Under the Church union plan of North India and Pakistan of 1965, the CHURCH OF PAKISTAN was created on 1st of Nov. 1970. In accordance with the plan, the Anglican Church, United Church, United Methodist
  • Bible School and Brigade

    Jesus said, ‘Let the Children come to me... ... . ’ Mt. 19:14

    Keeping the above objective in mind, our Church considers this as a priority
  • Women’s Fellowship

    “The Woman who fears the Lord,  shall be honored.” - Prov 31:30
    Women are a real strength of our Church. Their prayers, support for the families and their attendance at Sunday and other worship services helps keep
  • Youth Fellowship

    According to the constitution of the Youth Work Committee of the Church of Bangladesh, “ And You will bear witness  for me”  Acts 1:8  is the principal aim and objective to achieve by and for the young people
  • Golden Age

    They meet together twice a week, for prayer meetings, cultural functions, story telling,and singing. They also perform drama, do Bible study and participate in indoor games
  • Theological Board

    St. Andrew’s Theological College.
    St. Andrew’s Theological College, the theological training centre of the Church of Bangladesh, was initially founded in 1976. The name was given in honour of  a small theological college which had existed at St. Andrew’s Mission, Haluaghat in the 1930’s.

    At first, St. Andrew’s
  • Social Commitment

    The Church of Bangladesh Social Development Program (CBSDP) is the development wing of the Church of Bangladesh. CBSDP is a community focused organization

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Moderator visited several parishes

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The Most Revd. Paul S. Sarker visited several parishes in Dhaka Diocese from 6 to 10 August 2014. His first visit was to Oxford Mission Barisal.


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